Join us for worship Sundays @ 9 am


Sunday School for all ages

Young Life
Grades 7-12
2nd Sunday each month @ 5:30pm in the Fellowship Hall.
Supper is included.

Sunday School for all ages

Men's Breakfast Bible Study
On the third Saturday of the month men join together for Breakfast and BS (both kinds, bible study and the other kind). We meet at Lilac Plaza Retirement Community located at 7007 N. Wiscomb. A hearty breakfast can be had for about $5. Bible passages that are being studied are published in the monthly newsletter. Come for a time of fellowship and Bible Study.

Confirmation is for seventh and eighth grade students. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m., at Prince of Peace unless otherwise noted. Come! We invite you to join us!

Discipleship Dots
Parent Youth Sermon Conversation

The Goal for our Confirmation Ministry:

  • To assist our young people in developing a living, mature relationship to our Lord Jesus Christ
  • To assist our young people in gaining specific knowledge and information about the Christian faith and the Lutheran Church
  • To encourage these Confirmands to use scripture, prayer, and worship in their lives
  • To provide them with opportunities to explore their feelings and gain some self-understanding
  • To provide them with specific skills in sharing their faith at home and school as well as in their community
  • And to assist these Confirmands in developing closer relationships with other young people and adults in the congregation

Materials Provided:

  • A Bible; you are welcome to bring your own Bible
  • Luther's Small Catechism
  • Notebook

How Can Parents Help?

  • Keep in touch with the Confirmation teachers and the pastor
  • Attend church and Bible classes regularly. In doing so, parents will show by example that they, too, are still growing in their faith and relationship to the Lord
  • Ask questions about what your child is learning in Confirmation class
  • Make Confirmation a priority in your child's life through his/hers consistent attendance